• Sunday, January 10, 2021

We are pleased to announce that we are planning to upgrade the server on which one or more of your accounts are hosted. This server is operational for more than 3 years and we wish to keep up with the latest technology.

This upgrade has been pending for a long time and we plan to schedule it in the coming few days.

The new server will have much more CPU Power (6x) & RAM capacity, also a much better network, each user will also get extra RAM, CPU, More IO Speed as a token of gratitude - which will, in turn, increase the website loading speeds and overall user experience.

The upgrade will require discarding this server and IP address and moving to a new server with a new IP address.

Current Server Name: eu.protondns.net

Current Server IP:

We are sending this email in advance to avoid any service disruption for some of our customers, the information is listed below. 

~% Customers who are using our nameservers, Or Resellers using vanity Nameservers:

The account migration will be smooth in this case without any downtime, all custom DNS records will get migrated, no disruption on email services as well.

No action is required from your side.

~% Customers using Cloudflare or Domain Default Nameservers:

Since we don't have authority over your DNS Zones, your website/emails will get disrupted as we cannot update the IP address and other records set in your Cloudflare or other DNS Servers.

Solution for this:

We have 2 possible solutions in this scenario -

1. The easiest one would be to update our Nameservers temporarily if you don't have any custom DNS records like MX pointing to GSuite/Zoho etc.

2. The other solution would be to open a ticket with us and schedule a live migration in a given timeslot, once we migrate your account - you can update the IP address in your DNS. This way your services will not be disrupted.


We want the upgrade and migration to be as seamless as possible for all of our customers and we seek your support in order to accomplish this.

Lastly, We thank you for your patronage all these years as we continue to improve our product offerings and hope you'll enjoy the wicked performance boost!

Please feel free to reach out in case of any queries.

Happy New Year to you and your loved ones!

Thank you!

With love,
HostMyCode Team