• Sunday, January 10, 2021

As per our previous communication dated 06/Jan/21, we will be going ahead with the migration of the following server:

Server Name: eu.protondns.net
Server IP:

If you have missed the previous communication, you may read it here.

Here are the updates:

- Our new server is set up & ready. We plan to begin the migration tomorrow on 11/Jan/21 at 21:00 IST. The migration of all accounts may take up to 24 hrs. After completion, we will inform you over email.

We are not expecting any downtime or any issues for customers who are using our nsX.protondns.net nameservers or resellers using custom nameservers.

- However, You may not be able to login temporarily in the cPanel from HostMyCode's client area, please access it directly instead.

To access cPanel/Webmail, please use:


For Webmail use:


Replace Xyz with your domain name.

In case you are using external nameservers like Cloudflare, please update the following IP in A records replacing the old IP, only after the migration:

If you need more time and wish to opt-out from migration temporarily, please reply to this email.

In case of any doubts, questions, issues please feel free to reach us on the live chat located on the website.

Thank you!