• Thursday, July 11, 2019

 As many of you are aware, cPanel has recently changed from “A fixed price license for unlimited users” to a “Charge per user on the server, as a whole” structure.


If you wish to see cPanel’s announcement and justification for their pricing changes, we recommend you read:



This change will increase our cPanel costs by over 300% of our current costs. Unfortunately, this increase is simply too much for us to absorb on our own and will require us to increase your prices for additional cPanel accounts.


In the coming days, we will be mass applying a hard cap on the number of sub-accounts your reseller can have. 

Bronze Reseller: 10 Accounts

Silver Reseller: 15 Accounts

Gold Reseller: 20 Accounts


Effective August 1st, 2019, we will be forced to apply a cost of Rs.180/month including GST to each and every sub-account exceeding the above limit on your reseller.  If you are below the above limitations or have no plans to exceed then there will be no pricing change for you.


You will be able to upgrade/downgrade the number of accounts you want at any time. 


We’ll do our best to honor customer contracts, but for some users that have an excessive amount of accounts (read: we’re operating at a loss on you), we will be reaching out to you to change your billing to compensate this, or offer you a refund for the rest of your time with backups. 


For some of you with hundreds of accounts, this will be an incredible financial burden. For you, we recommend you contact us to discuss moving to one of our KVM VPS’s.

We thank you for your years of patronage as we continue to improve our product offerings.



HostMyCode Team