Transfer Linux Hosting/cPanel accounts from other provider to us

Dear Client,

Thank you for choosing HostMyCode.

Please follow below given steps to successfully backup your website and propagate it to our servers.

Step1 -What you have to do at your existing provider.....

1> Login to cPanel of your existing provider.
2> Click on Backup
3> Perform a "Full Backup"
4> Provide any additional details on the next step
5> Finish all steps and once backup is complete, Download all files on your desktop. go to step 2
6> Do not change name of the downloaded zip files

Step 2- What you need to do in our control panel......

1> Login to our cpanel
2> Click on File Manager
3>Navigate to "public_html" folder, and upload all downloaded backups in step 2
4> Go to your domain registrar
5> Update nameservers to our nameserver. You may have already received appropriate nameservers in your welcome email.
6> Submit a ticket to "Support" dept, and mention "Backup file names", & their exact path where you have uploaded it in the ticket for us to restore it under your account. Do not change names of the backup files

If you follow all the above steps, then your website will not experience any downtime.

Note - If you have changed database settings in any automatic/manually installed script to anything other than "localhost", you will need to modify that once restoration is complete. if you haven't played around with script, then there is nothing to worry.

If you face any problem, contact us via ticket system

Thank you

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