How to activate cloud in your account to get 100% Uptime?

Dear Client,

Thank you for choosing us.

As you may be aware your hosting plan comes with cloudflare powered cloud hosting. We are one of few providers in industry to provide this standard in cloud hosting.

To activate follow below given procedure:

  • login to cpanel
  • go to software and services
  • click on cloudflare
  • follow on screen prompts to register at cloudflare
  • once your registration is complete, click on the white cloud icon in front of domains/subdomains to activate cloud on them
  • pls note it takes around 5 minutes for cloud to get configured into your account
  • also note that only www extensions of the domains will be supported and not just
  • activating cloud means your data is distributed across CDN in 18 datacenters around the world.

If you face any issue, let us know in tickets.

Thank you
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